Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Trade 3: Maths is Idiotic

Trade: Poker session, 10pm - 2am
Stakes: $200 buyin
Risk: $500
Profit: $180
Current Capital: $5,750

Cliff Notes: Started off the session with a bang - picked up AK twice, and kept pumping a loose preflop image to get KK against Q-6 who hit 6 on the flop and stacked off: got my stack to 500 early. However, quickly lost my momentum and started feeling a bit tired, didn't pick up enough hands or pick enough spots to pick up small pots and saw myself down $50 dollars before I stacked off with King High against QQ.

Then I rebought my final $200, and the following hand came up -

I just feel that sometimes I need to 'will' myself to win - on the final hand still down $200 for the night, I felt like I had to try some gimmick to get the players loose enough for their stack.

Preflop: I told everyone that I would be 'dedicating' the hand to the dealer; and that I would win the hand NO MATTER WHAT. People just smirked as if it was just a clown speaking and funnily enough I didn't lose faith in that statement even when my hand was J-6 - I called a $20 dollar raise as with 4 other callers.

Flop: 7-4-4 - The original preflop raiser bets $60 into $90 dollar pot and with no pair and no draw I called (very bad play) only based on my pure faith that I would win the hand. I even warned him I said 'I hope you know that you're just throwing away your money right now' - however he looked unfazed and almost even more stubborn to try to outgun me in the hand.

Turn: J - Bingo - all i was really looking for was ANY pair - he put me all in for $210 - I called and he showed me A-3 of diamonds (he picked up the diamond draw on the turn)

River: It missed the A and the diamonds and I took down the $680 pot to book a win for the night and prove that when your willpower is strong, 'maths is idiotic'.

Conclusion: I probably played really optimally until I realised my image was TOO tight, and that I needed to loosen up somewhat to start receiving action - I started off the night very tight solid and ended up on the night more loose but getting a lot more worse play from my opponents as a result. Starcity has a lot of passive tight players that will only play with pairs or better postflop - and sometimes to convince them to stackoff - I have to create a image based on my talking rather than my chips (as it's only 40BB and not enough chips can be sacrificed).