Sunday, April 5, 2009

Trade 4: Still Pokering, Still Grinding

Trade: Poker session, 12:00am - 4am
Stakes: $200 buyin
Risk: $400
Profit: $60
Current Capital: $5,810

Cliff notes: Wild night, was down 200 in 1 hand, then up 450 in 30 minutes, then donked off down to last 100 before being even, then being down 200 again and finally finishing up 60.

Really tested my patience today, and I had a point in the game where some other asian started talking about about how hands should be played and what kind've hand people should hold - the thing that tilted me is that he was right, but usually for the wrong reasons - to boot, he had won two $700 dollar pots while sucking out on two outers both times.

Still awaiting my to deposit an amount into cmc so I can start trading some indexes and currencies.