Monday, April 20, 2009

Trade 6 setup: NBA Champs

Currently I'm looking at a mixed bet, with 3 choices for differing amounts.

odds bet return outcome profit
cavs 2.9 40 116 76 33
lakers 2.5 44 110 66 23

nuggets 40 3 120 117 29

I don't think there's any team in the EAST that can really beat a top form Lebron, and they've been in the finals before, and if he makes it there again, I expect him to capitalise especially with a much better supporting cash in williams and wallace.

The Lakers have the best chance to get back to finals with Spurs without ginobilli and houston without McGrady.

My teaser is the nuggets, as I believe that Billups as a veteran leading the team has the ability to bring the best out of his talented teammates - carmelo, smith and co.