Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Trade 8: Can't Hit the 11 outer

Trade: Poker session, 11:00pm - 1am
Stakes: $200 buyin
Risk: $250
Loss: -$250
Current Capital: $5,060

Took only 250 because I was on a downswing, and I wanted to risk less and force myself to play tigher.

I played as tight as I could to just wait for one double up hand - i got 6-8h 25 utg raise (I suspected AA or KK) and 3 callers I called in BB.
Flop comes 8-7-5 rainbow and he bets 100, and 2 folds I go all in for 130 total and basically looking at 330 total pot and 130 for 44% chance to win - I was happy with that all in, just unhappy I couldn't hit.