Friday, May 8, 2009

5 steps for Selling Your Soul For Cash

This is the profile of someone who decided they want to F me up. And yes I am a sucker.

1/ Borrow money from a sucker.
2/ Invest the money into unethical or illegal high return high risk propositions/projects.
3/ Blow the money, and then blame the person you borrowed your money from for your own negative value decisions.
4/ Lie about the fact that you even borrowed the money, even insult the lender to the point you make them question their existence.
5/ Then blame your losses onto someone else that has helped you out in your operation, and go to jail and tell everyone the person who worked for you is responsible for the losses.
6/ Get out of jail, conjure up images of your own grandeur and subdued excuses for your misfortunes.
7/ Get lucky in a poker tournament where you now have a chance to repay the money, however, you spend it on hookers and drugs, because they deserve it more than your creditors.
8/ Run out of cash...again...
7/ Play the sympathy card to find a new sucker/victim
9/ Rinse and repeat til infinity where you'll enjoy the burnings of hell...