Friday, July 10, 2009

Trade 12 & Trade 16 closed at profit.

It's been one of those days where I felt really really weird in the morning, so I went with my gut and closed off WBC and MQG, the only two positions I had short at the time.

There was no real movement overnight on the SP500, only gaining 3 points, but the overnight commodities had done decently so I decided to play it safe for the early session.

I closed out my WBC short at 19.12 (TRADE 12 - opened at 19.88 for 3.823% for 22 days) and MQG short at 35.63 (Trade 16 - opened at 37 for 3.703% for 7 days) for profits of $115.97 and $104.37.

The markets promptly fell more, but my instincts were correct, as the financials albeit lagging the miners, rebounded to help round out the final push into the 3800 range of the ASX200 index.