Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The Transporter

I think we are currently hitting 8 transportation and 4 financials. Obviously transportation is included in industrials

Within Financials, i prefer REITs as the banks have run up a lot the last few weeks. We've done a decent analysis on REITs and FKP was another REIT performing well today. LLC looks like it's going to breakout with a H&S forming.

Although transportation is such an 'unse xy' sector, I think it has good outperformance potential.
Within Transportation (industrials) - I've added good price target with a rating based on relative rank chart wise within the sector (all are asx200 stocks)

AIO 1.399 3/5 this is s3xy, but might be hard to get in as it's 20c away.
AIX 1.39 3.5/5, much limited downside, easy upside exit, tradeable range to 1.8
CEU 38c 4/5, a massive stock to add - this could double quite easily and the base is VERY strong this is probably the best 'shoot for the moon' stock in this sector
MAP 2.18 3.5/5, good point to enter atm as it's on a trendline with rising momentum
MIG 1.40 4.5/5, they doing share buybacks - and really small downside this one is about to fly IMO
QAN 2.01 2/5, downside is rising oil
TOL 6.46 3/5
TCL 4.32 (perfect time to get in) 4/5