Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Trade 39 result: BXB - Cleanest Trade to Date

Brambles (BXB)

Entry: 400 @ 5.975
Exit: 400@ 6.5
Holding Period: 7 days
return: 8.077%
$ gain: $198

Cliff Notes:
Feels good to have research payoff - as brambles seemed to offer the best value (div/price) and the best technical entry point out of the next 2 week's worth of dividends.
I exited at the predetermined target price of 6.5
I can quite easily hold this beauty for a few more days, but the current US sentiment is weaknening - and as a stock leveraged to the US recovery play - I may get another shot at entering this stock in the next few days as profit taking may stall it's rise at the resistence level.