Thursday, October 29, 2009

Harness the Power of your Mind (just some untested unproven thoughts)

Thoughts are the beginning and the end, words and actions are just the middlemen in what utlimately defines your path of conquest and your understandings of failure and success.

1/ Focus - The Art of Clear Thinking
Focus is a combination of mind tranquility and harmony with your body and spirit to leave your mind free of distraction. If there is an answer to every problem within your conscious and sub-conscious mind, you must first train your mind to focus it's energy on the actual problem at hand.

You must have a mind that is free of any human emotion - guilt, greed, hope, desperation - even the slightest hint of these emotions will diverge your thoughts like an amatuer golf swing.

I think praying/meditation are things that are key habits in really successful people, because a distraction free mind is the beginning of all successful endeavours.

2/ Lateral Reach - The Art of Deep Thinking
You must train your mind to balance two opposing, but possibly equally compelling arguments. Once you learn to weigh the balance of judgement by equally arguing for both, you must then reach deeper into your mind for what is known as perception - or in the case of soros, reflexivity. If there are many people who are thinking the same issue, then you must weight the 'public perception' against the 'true perception' because they are not always aligned. When they are not aligned, you must first identify why they are not aligned, and then act upon this assumption with a faith that only a mind operating at lateral lengths could cope with. This allows you to think for yourself, and act upon bold decisions against the crowd, when public perception and true perception are greatly disconnected.

this one is tough to develop because people are usually born to 'think' a certain way, creatively, emotionally, rationally, negatively; I think associating with as many different personalities and trying to empathisise may help develop are more lateral thought process. The more crazier personalities (different to your thinking style) you know, the more likely to think laterally.

3/ Positivity and all that BS - The Art of Power Thinking
Your mind has an energy that through the words and actions will engage, or disengage someone that you meet.
Many people start with this part of the mind trait first - however, usually lack of focus or depth leads to really shallow outcomes based on wishing on a bone - i.e wiley. This is why there are so many skeptics to robbins and the book 'the secret' because the power of positive thinking aren't built on the seeds of focus and depth.

Charisma on it's own is straight butter - it can't do anything without the bread. Over zealousness can definitely lead to false expectations that will lead to net negative outcomes.

4/ the Development of Your conscious Reactors - The Art of Control Thinking
When you are younger, listening to your insticts is akin to listening to your body - and most often than not with mixed results (i.e men thinking with their penis). As you get older and your subconscious mind sets it's principles and deeply absorbs what is usually the correct answer in all situations, your instincts become more reliable and a reactor to your spirit and subconscious.

This is why as much as I <3 taking some drugs, I try to minimise it because of the link between control and reactions are greatly distorted.
I think this level of thinking just develops naturally.

5/ Seeing ahead - Forecasts - The Art of Forward Thinking
Usually predictors can be given through mathematical models of regression and lines of best fit, but generally the dark clouded nature of that which is unpredictable can actually be harnessed with greater confidence when you apply a simple open minded approach that adjusts to every detail that you 'feel' can affect the outcome - how your mind chooses the assumptions to the model will depend on how efficiently all the above factors are operating.

Once again, a lot of the 'feel' based ways of thought are what you are born with - it's so hard to develop this intangible aspect of thinking.