Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Trading Update

Due to my Win 7 upgrade, that took a few days, I've been unable to update my blog regularly.

I have changed strategies to my shorting bias, to long/short trades - until at least a solid downtrend is back in place.

Quick Summary of my current trading thesis: pro liquidity trap trades (long gold), swift AUD strength trade (short AUD affected stocks i.e ALL), short economic recovery themes (opportunities to short oil/wpl, looking for short into Hardies JHX). Along with specific more medium term pair trade strategies within sectors. Diversified media long (NWS)/short print media (WAN).

I have recently completely trades 148 to 152, and trades 155-157 - where my short stint into resources were profitable in mmx, sdl but they were offset by my premature shorts in bhp/rio (bhp rio were off huge today) -$110.

My retail pair trade of long DJS, short HVN came to fruition earlier than expected when HVN reported weaker than expected sales figures, and that came out to a nice tune of $159.

I have closed off one half of my pair trade that was based on the gaming sector - TAH and profit $9.16 but ALL is a great boon in my pair trade so far, up over $320.

My Media related pair trade, long NWS (for the earnings report) and short WAN is still breaking even.

I have a bearish sentiment on the Aussie banks and opened up two pair trades:

I have a long TLS short NAB trade also with NCM long/ ANZ short.

Interestingly, ANZ and NAB were the only banks not tanking in today's sea of red.

I also shorted TSE (not a pair trade) at market open today, as I felt that the overall market will be trending down today, and I needed some downtrend exposure. I shorted 900 tse @ 4.6 , and just barely missed shorting UGL at my target price.

I am back to making money on my trades, albeit not by much..but I plan to make a killing in the next downswing (if it happens).

I'll put up a market report tommorrow morning to clarify my thoughts and see what more trades I can add, with my spare equity.