Saturday, October 31, 2009

Week Wrap with a Weak Rap

Weak Sauce

Despite my Bearish Stance for the past few weeks,
The market continued to defy reason,
I exercised risk management to avoid the leaks,
And now the time has come - the shorting season.

My weekly shout, to short the market,
assisted by my weak attempts to time the top,
have led to me to say fark it,
and get in the bullride that's bound to flop.

Yesterday's GDP games, were a time of action,
To add to my short position with conviction.
But my meek style, lead me to question,
Will yesterday's confirmation have been another abberation?

I still hold short and hate flying FLT and QAN,
I still hold short resources rio and BSL
I round out my shorts with UGL and NAB,
Are You Ready for Crazy Monday... where everyone will yell, 'SELL SELL SELL'