Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Trade 281-285 BUY BUY BUY!

It's been awhile since I've been so 'bullish' and I made the following long purchases.

Trade 281: long TAH 370 @ 6.51
way extended sell-off - based on weaker reported earnings - looks like a technical rebound of 30c is in the works. Stops @ 6.44

Trade 282: long TLS 1100 @ 3.05
the NBN plans are kind've at a stalement and the market is not looking too pleased with TLS prospects - however the trading range provides a good risk/reward setup - looking at at 3.20 exit and 3.00 stop.

Trade 283: long STO 200 @ 12.79
Adding this position as part of my accumulation into my 'rock basket' - looks very bullish in the short term. Initial stops 12.7

Trade 285: long myr 1000 @ 3.11
I know retail is a bit of a ways off before recovery - but if this current rally is another melt-up, myer will get to 3.30 pretty quickly - stops @ 3.02

Trade 284: long SBT 4400 @ 0.635
A very large exposure to a very large bet on the online bookmakers play - there is an earnings report coming up - and the world cup revenues that I hope will provide a short term boost to share prices.
This is the trade that scares me as I have the most money on this stock at the moment.