Thursday, July 22, 2010

Shorts for the Day

-sp500 down overnight
- tick negative
- @ MA resistence
- using EW this is the 'B' on the hourly - if the wave eventuates.
- the daily EW is currently on the '5'

Stops about 4427, with target below 4360 - the 'C' extension.

Day traded the asx200 - almost to the tick - rode it for a large sum - although this was offset by my loss on asx200 short 2 days ago.

I'm bearish oil thus I added OSH short and CTX short

- Oil down overnight
- market is not being sold off
- market will trade in this triangle - stops just above latest high 5.95.
- this is an added position to my already 700 short OSH.

CTX stops above the resistence and trendline 10.50