Wednesday, February 9, 2011

New Trade Ticket Format

I've decided to create a template for all my trades, so that I can rigorously stick to my stop loss levels, and define better % stop losses for my portfolio.

This coincides with defining my thoughts more clearly, and the trading is more strategic.

I have a long position in the euro and JHX - the current upswing in the markets may continue for the time being, negative news is being shrugged off - inflationary concerns, and china rate hikes are a non event in market prices.

JHX represents a US housing recovery play, with the technical price support and good risk/reward setup.

Euro is a current risk-on play.

This week's superbowl was the first superbowl in which the favourite covered the spread, since the patriots v panthers many years ago, and it was just the cap on a season in which the underdogs didn't do as well in the past years.