Friday, February 1, 2013

The Bullish

All Ords in Australia up 5.1% in Jan, best month in 12, and best Jan since 1994

Most overbought stocks in the US by S.D over 50MA - good for momentum plays? 

RIMM might be the short you want want to hedge your long AAPL positions with

EAsports bouncing, even after a weak earnings report, and subpar outlook - has this industry finally seen it's bottom?  Might be worth looking at Zynga here for a speculative recovery in the sector.  
ZNGA reports in a few days on the 5 Feb. Might be worth betting for a EPS beat.

Where do you go, when markets are on a roll, but equities are too expensive? Emerging market corporate markets: Wisdom tree ETF, with currency hedge overlay and a 0.45% management fee.