Wednesday, February 20, 2013

We Blow Your Brains Out

North Korea threatens South with final destruction - Reuters
..of course they do..looks like they want more food.

..barely, on poor sales too.

..but AAPL barely moves last night
iWatch will be very exciting.

..get ready to buy this dip

...Silver is looking very weak it hasn't bounced at the 30, I am looking for a bounce this week, or closing this position.
..Gold also getting hounded.

.. this was a bit surprising.  This looks like a good indicator of the slowdown in the mining and Chinese demand.  I'm mixed, it may be weak in today's trading, but this stock may continue to bought for it's dividend.

..will this be a good time to buy?.. given the recent 13% stake by Icahn?

..good points on why the market may be in for a turn soon.
..another take on macro valuations and secular bear market theory.