Tuesday, March 5, 2013

AAPL new lows, Market Near Highs

 Markets are still fighting in the 1500 range, but the last few sessions make me rethink we have a top, but I will remain defensive in my positions.  I sold down some BPTY last night, and am barely holding onto my AAPL long.  I still think we can't have a strong rally without the commodities or small caps performing.

The US recovered from a weak Asia session, with China hurting all the commodity trades, oil hitting multi week lows.

We saw a breach below 1.015, and then a recovery last night, this may peak a short term low on the AUD, but I expect it to continue to try to test parity in the coming weeks.

We get a 20% correction once every 3.5 years, for the period 1900-2010.

Worked for Soros, and he's worth watching.  "Every once in awhile, the world of investing and what's going on in the country will intersect".