Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Not time to Panic, yet.

Huge recovery off the pre-market lows almost got to even, but still down for the session.
Part of the recovery was hopes that Cyprus would revise a deal.
Gold was up, oil was flat, and my positions held up well on yesterday's selloff.

With all the retailers crying about business conditions in Australia, it's easy to see why they get their butts kicked from retail case studies that adopt technology quickly.

I've been shorting LULU every quarter for the past 3 quarters pre-earnings.  So far I've had 1 win, 1 loss and 1 push, this would be a win if the price action remains negative going into next week.

Apple rises on a down day, I'm now realising most of my positions in the portfolio are positioned for a small selloff.  There was large talk about apple getting smashed down to 300 in a bear market, but it's hard to see any more strong sellers in this stock below 420 based on the past few weeks of price action.