Thursday, April 4, 2013

You Base is Under Attack

A Good Analysis on Reddit regarding the North Korea Situation:

 Kim Jong-un is embroiled in a power struggle within his own government because he has failed to consolidate power around him since his father's death.
For one thing, he was recently the target of an assassination attempt by factions of the government that were loyal to his opposition.
Moreover, NK's regent, Jang Sung-taek recently stripped the military of its revenues from illegal activities (i.e., NK's superdollars) and gave control of those illegal activities to Kim Jong-Un.
IMO (and I could be wrong), Kim Jong-Un took the revenues from the military for some reason or another likely as punishment for an unreported prior assassination attempt or from an outright refusal to pledge undying loyalty to him. Kim has had a hell of a time reigning in the military since his father died.
The military is, understandably, angry and, in order to maintain power, Kim Jong-Un showers high-ranking military leaders with luxury goods and permits them to proceed with a third nuclear test that Beijing specifically told NK not to do. In a likely blunder, Kim (or, more likely, Jang) calls Beijing's bluff and conducts the test anyway thinking that Beijing will never agree to UN sanctions against NK. Beijing does, in fact, ratify sanctions on luxury goods. So now the military has no money, they've never been keen on the idea of a young Kim Jong-Un telling them what to do, and they're restless. Kim's only hope is to project their anger on an outside enemy, glorify them among the people by giving them the power to fight this evil foe, and hope that concessions from the six-party talks on NK's nuclear program will be enough to appease the military from launching a coup d'etat and taking power away from Kim and his loyalists.