Thursday, September 12, 2013

Apple brings some Colour to the Market

Opened a long position NLY last night at 11.59, and closed my EURUSD short 1.3298 for a gain, but not as large as it was last week on the expectations of war. In hindsights, my past 10 years of observing geopolitical risk in regards to war talk - usually it's a fear selloff prior to the war, and the markets tend to get bid really hard once the first shots are fired. In this case, any talks of diplomatic resolve has lead to triple digit gains in the down in the past three days.
I closed off my silver position in AG and AAPL. I had a nice run in AAPL and it was fortuitous before seeing the selloff post it's plastic iphone release. The plastic iphone isn't what investors are looking for; it's a sub $500 dollar phone, or larger, 5 inch screen. Market Anthropology on Apple.
A fresh view on Apple's marketing strategy
The engineers are the creators of wealth; the VC's are the beneficiaries. The proposed solution: engineers must fund startups.
The AUDUSD has been rallying for the past 7 out of 8 days . New government on the weekend, easing bias removed and removal of geopolitical risk, technical buyers are the 90c level all good for a bid.
I have LULU short and got a LULU put going into tonight's earnings. The earnings haven't missed for 5 years, but lower guidance ranges in the last few quarters have seen 10% selloffs in this stock.