Monday, September 2, 2013

Syria Fears Abate

Futures up 9 points on the sp500. China's PMI was 51.0 v 50.6 consensus and 50.3 prior; adding to the positive global sentiment. The September month has historically been a weak month for equities, and I will be very slow in adding to the portfolio this month. Michigan sentiment was higher than consensus at 82.1 and PMI came inline, adding to the continued case for tapering.

The US dollar has spiked higher against the EURO as expected, and may continue in expectations for tapering this week.

Researching Piotroski

A good site Graham Investor shows the companies with the piotroski score of 9. Historically a very good investment strategy, I've been using this site combined with some R code to rank the companies that I will be researching to add to my portfolio. I realised how easy it is to download tables off the web on any site using the XML package in R , then use the dataframe to rank the stocks whilst adding conditionals on sector and market capitalisation. While the Graham site is easy to use if you want to rank by one category, using R will allow you to add extra filters, and show 20-30 rows as well as exporting the data to an excel file. The current stocks that I've filtered down to are TGA, AUE, EBIX, WNC, MX. I saw TGA get hit pretty hard because of the Syria fears, but the management came out on Friday to announce that the company will not be affected - and spiking 5% higher.