Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Discord between Infinite Intelligence and Unfathomable Stupidity

Here is my take to get to a full level of subconscious understanding and optimal decision making under uncertainty...

Things that may improve cognitive and learning capacity
-harmony between body and mind the brain is actually a physical organ which is the stimulant to all learning capacity – taking drugs in my opinion, whilst opening your minds to greater possibilities in other areas, greatly reduces the capacity of long term cognitive functioning.
-a constant desire of the knowledge of the world and a perception to understand that all knowledge is dynamic and must be categorised and filtered into context and changed depending on circumstance.
-an open mindedness that is able to quickly distinguish the subtle signs of all forms of communication – the medium by which a message is delivered as well as the motives behind the message of the communication.
-a sense to keep yourself re-examining in a changing status quo of the stated principle. To be not whimsical in decision making, but acknowledging the fallibility of your principles and constantly improving its outcome.
-realising the signs that lead to ultimate failure, or the subtle signs that lead to unchangeable bad habits.
-being a critic of everyone including yourself – learn to question everything, then question the answers to your questions.

Things that reduce your ability to operate with common sense
-a hubris in the understanding on human psychology – anyone can be a champion in the little leagues – not challenging yourself into the unknown categorises your abilities as ignorant and unable to progress. Early success or doing certain things better than others can lead to such over-confidence and ignorant attitudes.
-routine behaviour – expecting the expected is the surest way to bring your mental capacities to that of a potato.
-a parochial framework that is based on rules of thumb and line fitted theories.
-jumping on the bandwagon – doing things to avoid criticsm, or trying to do things to gain attention within a certain circle of people. False advertising of your own personal character because you have no character.
-oversimplifying problems into binary outcomes – not knowing that optimal choices for emotional satisfaction is usually different to the rationally optimal choices.