Friday, August 14, 2009

Trade 51 Result - MCW quick Gain

Exited MCW after 3 days, another perfect trade - hopefully it doesn't do what BXB did and take another 10% to the upside.

Entry: 5300 @ 0.5
Exit: 5300 @ 0.55
Holding Period: 3 days
return: 9.091%
$ gain: $253

Cliff Notes:

Need to reduce my stock holdings before going to new zealand next week - and today the overall market seemed to finish off weaker.
Last night's US reports were quite shocking and I'm surprised that the market actually gained to end the session - I'm wondering if maybe the dumb money pushed the market up in the US last night, and maybe today they may decide to do some impulse selling to end the week.

I'm now clearly in the green for this blog - however, I'm grossly underperforming the index at the moment - which I hope, with more experience and trading acumen I will be able to close that margin.