Thursday, September 17, 2009

Conspiracy Theory

Here's a back of the envelope conspiracy theory.

So the US is printing/issuing free money like crazy - which they know will lead to crazy debt and lower US dollar - so what if..knowing that the consequences of debt and low US dollar will be a lagging effect

but in the meantime....

USING all the free/printed/borrowed money
they buy up the china stockmarket with the half trillion missing in funds (since they are exporting everything to china), raise some tariffs to get some tax income/ protect national industry for jobs (slow the rate of job cuts) - china is buying the bonds of US treasury, so US can buy all their companies....HMMM....

consolidate their financial system to weed out all the small banks (free competition at it's most ironic) by allowing them to survive by offering the TARP, eventually allowing enough clout for american banks to takeover other countries banks (i.e china banks) - other govts won't have the necessary global borrowing power (in terms of liquidity and interest rates) to bailout their largest banks

America survives the global financial crisis as china gets richer and their corporate profits goes back into the US economy..and by the time the chinese find out what the F the US govt was up2, they are back to their pitchforks and underground fake t-shirt economy.