Wednesday, September 16, 2009

NFL wk 1 results

wk 1 stats
correct picks = 5/11
average bet = 16.82
max bet = $36.80
min bet = $7

I have started a nfl fund with 300 of my own funds, 300 of woo's and 100 of jackson's for a total of $700.

I will bet on average $35 per game, and stick to my standard rule of betting on odds greater than 2 to 1 with an attempt to get a 50% hit rate on my picks.

I expect the fund will make between plus or minus 70-150 from my weekly picks, and I hope to add in a few teasers during the weeks to add another 50 return, and get maybe 3 outside picks for eventual winners.

If we get to the end of the season for approximately 100-200 profit near the postseason, I may up the bets to 70 per game - which will provide for some volatile returns and some exciting games.

Season 1 started off well in terms of picks, but very bad in terms of bet amounts.
My bet of 40 on the Arizona 6.5 margin was very stupid given fitzgerald was a non factor, and also that SF had a new QB, which was the variable that could tilt the balance.

I will add the total trades to the total balance at the end of the season.