Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Some results.

Had a shocker week in the nfl, as always, all good things come to an end, losing -$204.59, on the week, but the nfl fund is still up $315.15 (50% return so far)

NFL had a lot of non close games, somewhat of an abnormality in the parity based league, I'm hoping we'll have more closer matchups next week, so I can find some value in the margins.

I've been shorting stocks for many weeks now, and some of these stocks are really getting hit for home runs.

My MQG (trade 113, 114) total 2 trades, have netted $609.82 - the largest booking so far in my trading.
I rode it from $57.50 to $53.25 (below chart)

I have made some small gains on cba (trade 120) and anz shorts (trade121), $47.02 and $23.25 - with another open position into CBA short again (trade 122) straight after interest rates were increased 0.25%.

I have also shorted asx200 after the rake hike @ 4602.5 (trade 123)at the end of today's trading day.