Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Trading Update

Interestingly, after I wrote what I thought about the miners, the market made a nice sharp rebound - with my favourite of the bunch FMG making the greatest turnaround; being down 20c to up 30c to end the day.

I've made a few nice shorts on the sp500, but I got totally hammered with ANN going against the market trend with breakouts due to its new product and defensive nature - more on that in the next post.

so far closed trades

Trade 264 WAN: total profit $434.93
Trade 265, 268, 269 ANN: total loss $559.77
Trade 270 sp500: total profit $157.76

New positions

6500 gns @ 0.515
800 FMG @ 4.39 (got in 1-2 days too early )
1100 PDN @ 3.94

10 contracts sp500 @ 1200.6