Friday, February 8, 2013

Einhorn's Plea

Einhorn sues Apple, marks biggest investor challenge in years - Reuters
Finally we see some bullish action in AAPL, just in time for a strong move.

I continue to hold ATVI, long at 11.3 and short call options are expiring next week.

I think LNKD has the best social media platform on the market, and more importantly has the easiest path to monetization, because it's not really a social platform first, it's a recruitment site.  Still finding it hard to find a good spot to enter this stock.

I exited my SDL position today at 30c, taking a small gain of 3c.

Australia is facing headwinds, that's no surprise, slightly conflicting against employment data earlier this week.  Obviously employment is a lagging indicator, so we may see an uptick in Aus unemployment over the next few quarters in 2013.